Ritchie Valens CD


Released by Del-Fi Records in March 1959, one month after Valens death. It is his only studio album entirely composed of master tracks recorded at Gold Star Studios. The album peaked at #23 on the Billboard album chart.

The LP yielded four U.S. chart singles: Come on, Let’s Go (#42), Donna (#2), La Bamba (#22), and “That’s My Little Suzie” (#55).

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Side 1
  1. “That’s My Little Suzie”
  1. “In a Turkish Town”
  2. Come On, Let’s Go
  3. Donna
  4. Boney Moroney
  5. “Ooh, My Head”
Side 2
  1. La Bamba
  2. Bluebirds over the Mountains
  3. “Hi-Tone”
  4. Framed
  5. “Dooby-Dooby-Wah”


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