Ritchie Valens: Come on baby, just rock, rock, rock!


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The 1987 film La Bamba brought Ritchie Valens to a wide audience, but until now, his complete life story, career, and profound musical influence have remained untold. “Come On Baby, Just Rock, Rock, Rock! The Inspired Life and Enduring Legacy of Ritchie Valens” offers a deep dive into his personal journey, rapid ascent to stardom, musical contributions, and lasting impact. This extensively researched book draws from 65 years of writings, interviews, documentaries, and personal narratives from Ritchie’s family, friends, and music experts. Notably, it features a foreword by Ritchie’s sister, Connie Valens. Ritchie’s story captivates musicians, historians, scholars, and young people alike, showcasing the journey of a kind and humble 17-year-old whose talent, positivity, and dedication catapulted him to national stardom in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, in a professional career that spanned just nine months. Readers will uncover Ritchie’s enduring legacy, including his inductions into the Rock and Roll and Rockabilly Halls of Fame, and the preservation of his hit song, “La Bamba,” in the Library of Congress, alongside numerous other honors and recognitions.

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